About ALYA

Industrial Weighing and Control Systems


About Us

ALYA has been a major player in the industrial weighing and control systems industry on the Eastern European market for over 25 years (established in 1991).

The company’s headquarters and its software design and manufacturing plant are based in Poprad, Slovakia.

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Contact Us

To contact us please visit our „Kontakt“ page and our sales department will gladly discuss all your inquiries and questions.

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Our Services

ALYA’s standard product line consists of various self-made products such as: electronic scales, weighing and control systems including appropriate software and accessories.
Furthermore, ALYA offers custom made products designed and manufactured according to client’s specifications and requirements. We can easily delivery any of these:

  • platform scales
  • floor scales
  • aerial scales
  • charging and summing scales
  • multi-component dosing scales
  • dosing scales for filling of bags
  • dosing scales for filling of „Big- Bag“
  • truck scales (SVT)
  • sets for hospital beds weighing (MORPHEUS)

Our Specialty – Customization and Scalability

ALYA has aimed right from its start to specialize in „the turn-key deliveries“ aided by complete technical and conslulting service for all its products.
Our products use control systems with our own software designes for various weighing applications and are used mostly in:

  • food, chemical, agricultural and building industries
  • in tyres production
  • in hospital ICU-beds
  • and in many more industries

All our products and authorized systems are designed based on our continuous know-how development and the long-term experience from our manufacturing workshop.

The single items, devices and software programs are module-based. Therefore, they can be optionally extended and edited with further features, or other devices (RE 232, 422, Ethernet, Profibus,…) can connect to PC or corresponding IT client’s network.
This makes ALYA’s offered solutions very modern, flexible and ready to face the immediate challenges of the market.

Our Guarantee

For the mass measurement in ALYA’s scales and weighing devices we use worldwide well-known load cells whose signal is processed and evaluated according to required weighing application.
We also offer a wide range of warranties on all our products as well as service plants that are custom fitted to your needs.

Best Regards,
ALYA Sales Department